Technology has wholly reshaped shopping by bringing unparalleled technological innovations. Data are necessarily maintained in a forecasting process. Geek Dino Tablets optimizes demand forecasting systems with short term POS data, cascade models. It also helps in enhancing demand forecasting accuracy. Managers can use our tablets for valued contribution to the company. Some of the other advantages of the Geek Dino Tablet are:

Real-time updates

Geek Dino Tablets automatically update within a few hours of sales of the stock and inventory addition. The intelligent display is designed in a way that the instant updates are non-intrusive and are helpful. Real-time updates allow improvement.

Inventory data

Our tablets give new ideas for developing inventory management skills and strategies. The accurate numbers of the data are refurbished once in a while. The tablet helps in the recalculation of stocks and supply costs.

Assigning product codes

The traditional method of allocating product codes might be complex, but now Geek Dino Tablets make it easy by a new strategy of giving product code for the stocks. The updates of the new regulations will be entered in the necessary places without causing chaos. Managers can look into the codes when required for augmenting their business.

Restocking requirements

Our tablets exhibit updates periodically; sales counts and details will be intimated daily. The requirement can be noticed prior and shipped in the warehouse and delivered in the retail stores. Stock replenishment can be known easily through our new strategies and instant update system.

Trouble-free communication with vendors

The vendors can immediately notify their requirement to the company with our single networking. Greek Dino Tablets can also update the payment details. Companies can handle their vendors without any troubles.

Hassle-free reports

When the reports are maintained using a traditional method, there are high chances for mistakes to happen. But with Greek Dino Tablets, accounts are managed systematically. Databases are collected and kept on a single screen.