Logistical Solutions

The evolution of technologies pushing the boundaries of the business to expand is evident. Companies are expected to have access at the fingertip for increased productivity. Geek Dino Tablets give you possible access to trucking transportation and international transportation. The shipment notification, messages, and customizable reporting settings specify the customers about the cargo destined. The easily accessible Geek Dino Tablets open up many supply chain opportunities, reduce costs, and avoids risks. Some of the other benefits are:

Educational Solutions

Students nowadays use mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to aid in their study. Interactive classrooms and online assignments are becoming the norm. Using a Geek Dino tablet to assist in the education sector can reap many benefits. Our tablets improve on interaction and access to knowledge. The tablets increase learner engagement and allow the teacher to provide an individualised learning environment. Some of the other benefits of our tablets that make it easier for the students are:

CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management manages all company relationships and potential customers. Geek Dino tablets help in improving business relationships and make the business stay connected with the customers. Our tablet focuses on maintaining real-time updates and helps with contact management, sales management. Our base strategy records opportunities, record services issues, and also manages marketing campaigns. Some of the other features of Geek Dino Tablets are:

POS Solutions

Point of sales operation is when the customer makes the payment for the product or service purchase. A complete point of sale transaction happens when the customer purchases the product or service in-store. These operations in retail stores are now done at a swift pace because of the growing Technology. Our tablets manage invoices of sales and record the information of storage. The instant updates on product availability avoid delay in data and source availability. Our tablets are easily accessible by all working staff. Some of the privileges of Geek Dino tablet are:

Field Employees

Field employees are people who have direct interaction with customers or with the services their company sells. Their output could be immensely improved by access to modern work technology. Geek Dino Tablets helps in managing the workforce and teamwork. Our tablets also can provide real-time business data, which can help in increasing productivity. Instant feedback by the customers is being recorded in the tablets that can help improve the business. Some of the other advantages of our tablets:

Retails Solutions

Technology has wholly reshaped shopping by bringing unparalleled technological innovations. Data are necessarily maintained in a forecasting process. Geek Dino Tablets optimizes demand forecasting systems with short term POS data, cascade models. It also helps in enhancing demand forecasting accuracy. Managers can use our tablets for valued contribution to the company. Some of the other advantages of the Geek Dino Tablet are: