Point of sales operation is when the customer makes the payment for the product or service purchase. A complete point of sale transaction happens when the customer purchases the product or service in-store. These operations in retail stores are now done at a swift pace because of the growing Technology. Our tablets manage invoices of sales and record the information of storage. The instant updates on product availability avoid delay in data and source availability. Our tablets are easily accessible by all working staff. Some of the privileges of Geek Dino tablet are:

No detainments

Geek Dino tablets ensure that there are no detainments and the instant software update makes the tablet work even more smoothly. Are tablets have a customisable option where the manager can enter the preferable time to update the stock invoices and information. The tablet goes through and checks for any last-minute transaction and stock update.

Timely updates

The timely software updates of Geek Dino tablets have been aimed at enhancing the User experience. Our updates include new features and improvisation of stability by considering the usage of the tablet. The update can be manually approved by the user and can be customised according to their use too.

Labourer friendly

Geek Dino tablets allow more fantastic device types, offer good flexibility, and increase workforce mobility as the tablets are labour-friendly. Our tablets raise employee satisfaction with their easy to use tools. The productivity of the business and the workers' efficiency increase simultaneously by using geek dino tablets.

Quality and quantity analysis

Qualitative analysis is fundamentally required to explore the products and find out the area of improvement. Geek Dino tablets use description radar and numerical expression to understand the qualitative part of the product. The quantitative analysis of the products is done by exploring the percentages of the number with the competitive business and giving out structured data of the areas which need improvement.

Regular stockpile revision

Regular stock relation and updates are essential to have control over the effective replenishment of the company. The proper stock control is the key to have movement of staff. Geek Dino tablets note down the regular exercise of the stocks and update the datasheet and alerts when the supplies need to be repurchased.