Geek dino the BEGINNING of the Future

Geek Dino is the Digitisation Partner that provides an excellent integration of modern technology through our products and solutions.
Digital technology has disrupted various traditional methods and has promoted a newer vision to various Businesses. ABT has always looked at technology adoption to improve businesses, bring value addition and reduce mundane processes. Geekdino is the Hardware wing of ABT Info Systems that provides Tablet based solutions to enhance Business operations.
Starting with various business verticals, our Executive Director – Mr. Hari Hara Sudhan had the vision to foresee this fundamental shift all businesses. He introduced Tablets for Everyone and Tablet for Everything to keep up the growing technology.
“Work – Worktab series giving the power your business deserves . These Tablets are work best for factory , manufacturing and supply chain and industrial set up .
In the education space he decided towards a more personalized, social, dynamic, continuous and knowledge-pull model for learning, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all, centralized, static and knowledge-push model of traditional learning solutions.
In 2017 he first introduced Tablet based education at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering, Pollachi along with the first version of digital classroom engagement services in education technology. The flagship product, Carno tablet is a robust, student friendly tablet. Carno along with the Classroom Connect solution developed for mobile platform was a first step to Digital classroom engagement.
The latest and newest addition is the “Raptors” our intelligent tablets where we serve everything from work to play , passion to arts .
We take pride in being the “Made in India “ brand providing both hardware and software solutions to help you achieve.

Geek Dino’s Pillars of Success

Creative Team
We believe that having a creative team that can help you integrate digitization into your systems to improve operations and learning is essential.
Quality Work
The Geek Dino team strives to create quality products and provide intelligent solutions to your digitization needs.
Client First
The client’s needs always come first in our priorities. We make sure to deliver on time and avoid delays in integrating our digital solutions into your business systems for your perusal.
Customer Support
We believe in building transparency and trustworthiness with our clients. We conduct surveys from time to time to help our clients get the best value from us.