Field employees are people who have direct interaction with customers or with the services their company sells. Their output could be immensely improved by access to modern work technology. Geek Dino Tablets helps in managing the workforce and teamwork. Our tablets also can provide real-time business data, which can help in increasing productivity. Instant feedback by the customers is being recorded in the tablets that can help improve the business. Some of the other advantages of our tablets:


Technology has made our lives very flexible; our tablets have two dimensions, structural and process. Geek Dino Tablets help businesses to expand their reach and range widely. It has made business processes and functioning easier.

Custom settings.

Custom-made settings help businesses in designing their application according to their business needs. Geek Dino Tablets helps to create custom sets of data for a business organization. The data can be used by formula field, validation, flows etc. The tablet applies the strategies based on the requirements of the business organization.

Prompt actions

Our tablets ensure the firm's ability to communicate with customers. Prompt actions in Geek Dino Tablets helps in better crisis management of business organizations. Immediate steps in Geek Dino Tablets helps in better crisis management of business organizations. Quicker shipment options are made available to businesses over a large geographic area. Our tablets help firms to take immediate actions during any crisis.

Amass data and information

Geek Dino Tablets collect Data and statistical information during the business operations and analyzes, and therefore, critical improvising decisions are taken for the business organization. Our tablets provide you with better ideas for engaging your customers and providing an overall better customer experience. If the customer data indicates poor customer satisfaction, Geek Dino Tablets suggest how it deals with customers better.

Personal Approach

Not all students are equals. Some are slow runners while others are sprinters. GeekDino tablets enable instructors to address a multitude of learning styles. The e-Learning module helps the same course in different ways. The tablet also accommodates special needs. Learners with a disability will appreciate the tablet’s flexibility, freedom of access & tailored curriculum.

Battery longevity

Battery longevity in Geek Dino Tablets gives you an edge in inefficiency in business cost-cutting. Our Lithium-based batteries are being maintained with elevated cycling temperature. Heavy usage of batteries also provides a more extended run between recharges.

Employee utilitarian

A business organization should have a positive environment for their employees to be at their maximum productive level. Our tablets ensure that employees have professional happiness by motivating and boosting them periodically.