Forget the age of children carrying backpacks stuffed with books. Its now the era of the tablet education and digital learning. With technology taking over the education sphere at a rapid pace, the learning methodology has evolved from blackboards to interactive whiteboards. From students’ using desktop computers to having personal laptops, this is now the era of tablets- the compact instrument of technology & knowledge.
The GeekDino tablets are a fairly priced mighty computer that enriches training through an intuitive touchscreen and simple controls. With our inbuilt Learning Management System and more than 15,000 educational apps there is no dearth of educational and learning content for children of all ages across various domains. The benefits of a tablet-based education are:

Increased Interaction

Pupils have greater engagement with learning and collaboration with peers’ increases in addition to fostering independent learning. The device also improved student-parent engagement with learning. This is primarily true as engagement (learning composition) is more intense with a tablet, parents are more motivated and engaged such that the task doesn’t feel like work.

Ease of Use

Direct Communication

GeekDino tablets connect all major stakeholders- students, teachers & parents. Any feedback- positive or negative, is recorded and available for further reference taking out the “forgetfulness” factor. Parents will now be able to check in on grades and syllabus and contact teachers directly if their child needs extra help.

Live Knowledge Base

In addition to students having access to recommended resources to do their homework, GeekDino tablets give students instant access to a wide array of knowledge base. There are millions of website and video content available for the students’ access promoting individual research.

Personal Approach

Not all students are equals. Some are slow runners while others are sprinters. GeekDino tablets enable instructors to address a multitude of learning styles. The e-Learning module helps the same course in different ways. The tablet also accommodates special needs. Learners with a disability will appreciate the tablet’s flexibility, freedom of access & tailored curriculum.

Improving computer skills & Boosting creativity

Computers are here to stay whether we like it or not. Its vital to learn computer usage from elementary onwards. GeekDino tablets encourage creativity- draw, compose music, make films with no extra tools required. This enables students to become creative pioneers rather than passive knowledge recipients.

Hassle-free assessment

Not all advantages cater to the students. Teachers gain from easier student assessment, classroom management and finding unique teaching methods to create better student-teacher engagement.

Learning Simulations

Playing is not all about distraction and procrastination. Games can inspire creativity & foster out-of-box thinking. Learning in a simulated environment takes away the stress of taking tests, doing presentations or learning new difficult topics. GeekDino tablets brings experiences to the classroom that otherwise would not be possible. Our technology can open doors to fascinating topics and get children excited about learning.