Tablets have completely changed how our logistics & transportation centers work. Regardless of if you’re located in a warehouse, distribution centre, or managing inventory in the back room of retail – tablets prove to be incredibly beneficial. The connectivity benefits, real-time updates, and staff management applications all mean that processes work better, and a tablet solution will save a company time, money, and problems. GeekDino tablets are built GeekDino for drop & shock resistance, dust & temperature exposure. With handheld, stationary or mounted handling options, our GeekDino tablets offer long life battery and all-light readable display for indoor & outdoor use.
Here are all the benefits of GeekDino tablets for logistics and transportation, and specific ways that they can help the different markets.


A big part of transportation and logistics is warehouses. They’re an integral part of the process and have very unique problems. From receiving packages, to maintaining inventory and delivering.

Receiving packages

When receiving packages, shortages, damages, and discrepancies happen. In the past, this would negatively impact your process and your ability to respond to customers.
However, tablets have streamlined these operations with enhanced communication and applications.
One of the most useful features of GeekDino tablet, for receiving packages, is the camera. Now, companies can take instant photos, if anything happens to the packages or containers and also send them instantly, through wireless internet.
Our tablets are also fitted with barcode scanners, which helps to improve accuracy with the receiving process.

Inventory management

An integral part of warehouse management revolves around inventory. To achieve goals, fulfill orders, and replenish stock, inventory needs to be tracked and managed to a high standard.
GeekDino tablets have given warehouse workers the ability to not only gain real-time updates on stock but provide them too.
This enables everybody from the warehouse staff all the way to the customer to be informed. Increasing customer service is an integral part of every company’s goals.
Our tablets also allow managers to perform cycle counts more often. This gives everybody excellent visibility into the inventory levels, making reordering more proactive. Empty shelves are extremely rare with GeekDino tablets in a warehouse.

Packing solutions

In the warehouse, the most hands-on job may be packaging. With distractions, an error can easily lead to incorrect shipments and dissatisfied customers.
GeekDino tablets can help to improve accuracy in the packaging stage. Mounts are accessories specifically designed for tablets. This gives workers a direct focus, helping them to be more productive and make fewer errors.
GeekDino tablets can also be fitted with barcode or RFID scanners. This will help to ensure that you’re delivering to the right place, and customers will be satisfied.


On a similar note, shipping can also be revolutionized with tablets. In the warehouse, these devices can help with ensuring that each package is being loaded on to the right transports.
Again, you can scan pallets and packages as they enter the truck, which gives your customers the ability to track their goods. Again, improving customer service.
GeekDino tablets also eliminate the need to reassign the parcels – maximizing worker’s efforts, saving time, and keeping everybody productive and motivated.

Fleet and delivery

The next stage of the transportation and logistics process is fleet and delivery. GeekDino tablets ultimately enhance the journey, ensuring that every single aspect will operate seamlessly and be delivered on time. For fleet and delivery, the benefits of GeekDino tablets are endless.

Postal and courier

GeekDino tablets help with the posting side to logistics. This is a critical part, which every company has to place great importance on. If you deliver parcels well, on time, and are responsive the entire time – it will reflect well on your company. It may even guarantee the returning of customers.
GeekDino tablets make traceability possible. With barcode scanners and GPS tracking, you can give your customers real-time updates on packages. This allows the status of the package to be tracked every single step of the way.
GeekDino tablets have also proven to increase efficiency with postal and couriers. With on the road route planning, GPS tracking, fleet management, and other applications – you can improve the accuracy, speed, and service of your post.
GeekDino tablets really are the solution for this industry.

Proof of pickup and delivery

You may already be aware that GeekDino tablets can double as a signature panel. This instantly updates the system, allowing packages to be shown as safely delivered – and who took the parcel.
GeekDino tablets also allow you to validate the package condition. All in all, the process is made much more efficient and accurate.
GeekDino tablets are also incredibly durable. They can withstand vibrations, extreme temperatures, and shocks or drops. This is a necessary feature for delivery drivers – especially during harsh climates or on bumpy roads.

Fleet management

With drivers equipped with their own GeekDino device, this also gives management the ability to track them. This help with maintenance, route optimization, and compliance checks.
Not only that, but it helps with communication. Everybody, at every stage, can see where the driver is. This helps when communicating with workers, drivers, and customers.
GeekDino devices have been built to be able to withstand the journey, which gives everybody peace of mind.

The Takeaway

GeekDino devices can completely revolutionise the transportation and logistics industry. From every stage of the process.
With automation capabilities, real-time updates and tracking – our devices have firmly made their way into this industry, and have improved turnaround times, increased productivity and revolutionized how workers communicate with each other.
Don’t forget, you can use applications and accessories to make your GeekDino device adapt seamlessly to your company. The possibilities really are endless.
Alternatively we can list the benefits and applications alone if needed- Benefits :
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