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Geek Dino is part of the ABT Group which is a 1.2 billion US$ Industrial Conglomerate and one of the fastest growing business groups in India. Geek Dino came into existence when there was a need to modernize a business structure that was over 50 years old. When we started exploring options to modernize our 50 year old business, we found so many opportunities in other businesses in other businesses as well. In an endeavor to future proof all our businesses, we wanted a solution which went beyond the present day needs, and catered to every demand which could arise in the future. we wanted this transition to happen without any interruptions in the day to day operations while keeping the integrity of the core of the business intact.

One of the businesses we have applied our solutions efficiently for 3 years without a single hitch is to our logistics wing which has 500 touch points, 11 logistic hubs and 2000 employees and we move 22,000 tons every month all across India.

The success of the implementation of Geek Dino in one of most difficult terrains of logistics has just inspired us to look further out into applying it in various other businesses. This was the birth of Geek Dino.



Our future is filled with unlimited opportunities in innumerable arenas. That is what excites us.

We have already started to explore options to implement solutions for many verticals within our business umbrella and many other industries as well.

We are working on solutions for POS retail , survey , feedback, sales CRM, field data collection , education modules just to name a few.

To sum it up, we want to modernize the way people do things in the most cost effective route without compromising on todays or more importantly tomorrows requirements. We at Geek dino are working on one goal. To make your business process easier and to give you more time. Time to do what you WANT to do. In the language of business, time is money and in our language, we call this dino-efficiency.


We work on a principle of creating a zero-hassle solution for all our clients. A solution which integrates all the parts of your business as a whole thus making your business simpler to operate yet more efficient at the same time.


Why Us?

  • Our packages come at the right price based on YOUR need.
  • We supply you with all the hardware you need to compliment our software.
  • We are a complete solution minus the worry.



We base our solutions on a quantitative analysis of your business module. Our team would visit your premises, make a full study and implement their findings by coming up with ways to make your business simpler & better.


At Geek Dino we always believe in being part of the solution and not part of the problem. We find ways in and way outs of any glitches which have occurred in the past or might occur in the future. All for the seamless running of your business into the new millennium, so that you are never left behind.

logistical solutions

We have successfully implemented our package into the business structure of one of the oldest logistics company in India and we have covered over 600 locations with our solution. We are proud to have made our product a resounding success in this company which is more than 40 years old, so much so that it has blended into their nutrition pool. Now they can't do without us and we can't do without them as well. That's how we form partnerships with our customers.

educational solutions

How do we simplify both the teaching & the learning processes? We focus on interactive learning with tablets. The benefits are many. For e.g. No longer will a teacher have to tirelessly grade tests alone in a class with a strength of 60 or 70 students. Nowadays, the management expects the teacher to conduct more exams and if the teacher is handling 2 or 3 subjects, it completely destroys efficiency.

Our solution helps aid the teacher to give out tests, learning exercises and reference books to the students via a simple tablet and everything else is taken care of by our systems. What this means is more planned activities, better time utilization, increased student-teacher interactions and most of all, more efficient process and far less stress.

billing solutions

Almost every store needs computerized billing solutions but when it comes to a micro store, where space is critical, a huge hardware unit for this purpose will be a hindrance than a help.

Our state of the art billing system can handle stocks, billing and even inventory for small & big stores alike. All this will be centrally controlled from the head office thus enabling the management to monitor stocks and tracking daily sales. Thanks to our simple & elegant cloud based solution.

marketing solutions

One of the toughest jobs in a company is that of a salesman. He is the when it comes to convincing a customer that his product is the best on offer. For the customer, another option for the product is just an impulsive thought away. In this highly competitive field, your salesman has to be equipped with all the necessary tools to win over the customer.

Our solution enables the management to seamlessly connect with the salesman so that he is armed with all the weapons to attack the customer. He would never carry any outdated tools around. Moreover, it can also be used to track his productivity & location in real-time.



Our service does not stop after the delivery of the product. On the contrary, it starts then. This is by far the most important area of our business. After sales care & support is something we specialize in. We will make sure our solutions get integrated into your system of operations through time and we will be available every step of the way. You will have dedicated executives at your beck and call not for a specific time period, but forever. It is our prerogative to ensure you are satisfied and will continue to stay that way.


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